Printing your map

Printing your map

You will find the button to print in the header.

Printing button


This functionality allows you to obtain a layout of the map on the screen containing:

  • In the map background the Shom layers displayed in the catalog;
  • The drawing layer;
  • The map scale;
  • The citation of the sources;
  • The legend of the map (if it is displayed);
  • The title of the map (if it has been filled in);
  • The description of the map (if it has been filled in);
  • The grid (if the option has been checked).

After clicking on the "Print map" button, a window opens to add a title or a description to your printout. This information is not mandatory.


printing pop up


When you click on "Print" a new tab opens with the page to be printed and the print dialog box of the browser you are using.

Please note that in order to print the legend of your drawing, it must be visible on the map.