Oceanogram widget service

Oceanogram widget service

This service allows you to compile the most resolved 4-point forecasts for 1 point free of charge from the Shom and Météo-France models.

It is possible to access the ocenogram directly by URL, either to the dynamic version of data.shom.fr or to the static versions of image and text exports.

To add a widget of the oceanogram, paste the following code into your website:

  • Choose the format, either "General forecasts on a 4 days duration" or "Detailed forecasts on a 1 day duration", by respectively setting the parameter "duration" to "4" or "1".
  • The first day of the oceanogram is by default the current day, but you can use the "delta-date" to shift to preceding days (or to following days in the case of a 1 day oceanogram).
  • Choose the time system by setting the parameter "utc" to 0, 1 or 2.
  • Choose your language by setting the parameter "lang" to either "en" or "fr".
<script src="https://services.data.shom.fr/oceano/render/widget?duration=4&delta-date=0&spot=PORTSALL&utc=1&lang=fr"></script>

If you want to manage the widget size, insert the parameters width and/or height at the end of source url et/ou à la fin de l'url source

<script src="https://services.data.shom.fr/oceano/render/widget?duration=4&delta-date=0&spot=PORTSALL&utc=1&lang=fr&width=1300&height=1000"></script>